2018 Mission Trips


Sign-ups for our 2018 mission trips are underway. We have some very exciting and very different trips planned for next year. A few things to keep in mind as you pray about possibly joining us on one of the trips:

  • Pray about going and talk with Pastor Mike to see which trip is right for you.
  • A $100 deposit is due six months before your trip date
  • Half of your remaining balance is due 120 days before your trip. The remaining balance is due 60 days before your trip.
  • Once airline tickets are purchased, you are responsible for the cost of your plane tickets even if you have to drop out.
  • We are limiting each trip to 15 people
  • If you are planning to go on an international trip, get your passport ready ASAP.


To sign-up for any of these trips, just go to this link: https://www.ezekielgiving.com/g3/ Once there, register and click on the "2018 Mission Trips" link. You will then be able to select which mission trip you are paying for. You may pay your deposit and make additional payments online. If you'd like to register by mail, please send your check to Project:Re3 1474 Kerners Rd, Kernersville NC. 



May 6th-12th

Cost: $550 plus airfare


Jah Works is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that connects people in developing areas of the world with access to basic needs, education, and employment, in order to build sustainable communities.

To date, we have completed multiple projects in partnership with the rural community of Bluefields, Jamaica, such as installing rainwater catchment systems, rebuilding homes, and providing scholarships for those seeking higher learning. Secondarily, we also create jobs in the tourism sector by regularly hosting small groups of travelers to the area to provide them an immersive experience, along with an opportunity to give back to the community.

While there, our team will work primarily with installing rainwater catchment systems to help provide clean water to homes and communities. 



November 10th-16th

Cost: $550 plus airfare


After seeing the devastation and huge need following a mudslide in 2009, founder and director Miss Lynn Joseph opened up her family home to women and children to care for them. Many found themselves without homes and food overnight. Miss Lynn took families in, provided for them, and desired to help rebuild the community. 

A few months later, the 2010 earthquake hit causing further devastation and need. 

After much prayer, but not long after, God sent Miss Lynn some help in executing the vision God had given her for the community of Carries (about an hour north of Port-au-Prince). Miss Kim, a Canadian native, joined hands and hearts with Miss Lynn to come alongside and serve this new mission. 

Month by month, year by year, Miss Lynn's heart and vision expanded which currently includes a large orphanage, a free medical clinic, a free community school, a men's professional home/trade school, a church, and a girls' home. 

These two women are the driving force behind Mission of Grace and are constantly asking God how they can be of service to the Haitian people. 

Over the years, God has answered their prayers and sent them more help to come alongside them and advance the Kingdom of God in Carries, Haiti. 

There is always much work to be done, and God is expanding our boundaries. We invite you to partner with us and come see for yourself how He is moving in the lives of this corner of the world. 


Cedar Grove, WV (Youth Workcamp/Home Repair)

June 17th-23rd

Cost: $450

Open for all 6th-12th Grade Students

"Upper Kanawha Valley Workcamp"

Decades ago this was a thriving mining area. Now, not so much. But the community retains a small-town character and is largely composed of residential neighborhoods that follow the flow of the Kanawha River. Many of these neighborhoods were developed in the early 1900s around coal-mining operations. These West Virginians are a strong people who have contributed much to this nation's success.

Now, many have been left behind with disabilities and Black Lung disease. They deserve decent housing, not the often-found run-down coal camp houses, and dilapidated trailers. This is where your group can really help. Your experience will be rich and historical, as you make new friends whom you'll never forget and make real, practical differences in someone's life. You will be hard-pressed to find a more appreciative resident than when you work for a West Virginian.

The community school where your group will stay is located in a town that embraces our participants each year we arrive. It is large and long as a traditionally designed school that used to be one of the several high schools during the coal industry heyday. Plenty of classrooms with air conditioning, cozy but welcoming cafeteria, lots of space to meet as a small group are all here. The gym is huge but warm as they need to cool it with fans and ceiling vents. Don’t worry though, the valley often experiences cool breezes.


Pine Ridge, SD (Home Repair / Native American)

For the past four years, Project:Re3 (www.projectre3.org) has led mission teams of men, women, and kids ages 10-72 to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Allen, SD. While there, we work restoring, rebuilding, and renovating homes across the reservation. We are not just there for the homes, we are also there to restore hope to a community that often feels hopeless. 

In the summer of 2018, we will be taking on our biggest project yet. 

Housing is one of the biggest challenges faced by many living on reservations today. If housing is available, the home is likely more than 30+ years old and has not had any repairs since it was built. Imagine a family of nine living in a 40-year-old single-wide trailer with holes in the floor, walls, and roof.  That is the exact living conditions one particular family finds themselves in. 

Our goal is to provide a new home for this family next summer, not only to give them a new home but to give them new hope.

We would like to invite you, your churches, your businesses, your service clubs, your sports teams, and any other group to join us in this incredible project of love. Below you will find details of how you can be involved.

Join a Work Team

We are looking for work teams of 6-10 people each week for each of the two weeks. No previous construction experience is required. 

Cost Per Person: $550

Includes – Lodging at a local hotel, meals, and materials. *Transportation to and from Pine Ridge is on your own.

2018 Mission Trip Dates

Week #1 - June 23rd-30th

Week #2 - June 30th-July 7th


If you cannot make it to Pine Ridge in 2018 but would like to help financially, donations can be made directly from the Project:Re3 website. The total estimated cost for the home is $30,000. We have a company that will match a donation of $5,000 (making it 10,000) in the calendar year of 2017 and again in the calendar year of 2018 before the project starts. The money raised will be utilized for the foundation and framing of the house along with other materials not covered by registration fees. We are working with a local Native American contractor who has agreed to complete the foundation and frame.

Pine Ridge Statistics

·         Unemployment rate of 80-90%

·         Per capita income of $4,000

·         8 Times the United States rate of diabetes

·         5 Times the United States rate of cervical cancer

·         Twice the rate of heart disease

·         8 Times the United States rate of Tuberculosis

·         Alcoholism rate estimated as high as 80%

·         1 in 4 infants born with fetal alcohol syndrome or effects

·         Suicide rate more than twice the national rate

·         Teen suicide rate 4 times the national rate

·         Infant mortality is three times the national rate

·         Life expectancy on Pine Ridge is the lowest in the United States and the 2nd lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Only Haiti has a lower rate. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your prayers for the people of Pine Ridge will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions at all about the trip or our other efforts to bring hope and love of Jesus to the Lakota people, please do not hesitate to contact us.